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We are Cánido Estudio.

We work to craft universes that take each concept to the highest level. The best artists in the field of 2D animation together with the perspective of award-winning creatives who create a unique and impressive result for each music video project, original series or digital content animation.


2D Animator

Strong bases for drawing human anatomy, principles of animation and you use Harmony, we are looking for you.

Art Director

Expert in creating visuals for 2D animation projects. Strong foundations in background design, character design, color scripts and ability to manage the art team.

Storyboard Artist

If drawing is your passion and you have the ability to tell stories like the best, this job is for you. Experience in Storyboard Pro is a great plus.

Animation Assistance

You must understand timing charts very well, you have good experience doing cleanup and color, you have strong human anatomy drawing bases and animation principles.

Animation Internship

You are passionate about 2D animation, have a good knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Harmony, you understand perfectly about animation principles and you like to draw, you can start working with us.

Account Executive Internship

Organized, good at creating business strategies with clients in the field of media and communication, you are proactive and you know how to organize and supervise work teams, we are looking for you.

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