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all in GLOBAL

00_All In Global_FINAL_21_May_highres.00_00_24_22.Imagen fija001.jpg
00_All In Global_FINAL_21_May_highres.00_01_42_00.Imagen fija014.jpg
00_All In Global_FINAL_21_May_highres.00_00_42_15.Imagen fija004.jpg
00_All In Global_FINAL_21_May_highres.00_01_08_00.Imagen fija008.jpg
00_All In Global_FINAL_21_May_highres.00_01_19_00.Imagen fija010.jpg
00_All In Global_FINAL_21_May_highres.00_01_15_16.Imagen fija009.jpg


Directed by: Ángel Martinez
Executive Producer: Angie Parra, Estefania Peña
Art Director: Jansel Rubiano
Character Animation: Andres Bosch

3D Animation: Daniel Guarín

Motion Graphics: Andres Algeciras
Composition: Ángel Martinez

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