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The best trip through the skies of L.A we had with Blxst. We are eating tacos of happines with this music video.

my emotions - blxst

official music VIDEO

videoplayback.mp4.00_01_58_23.Imagen fij
videoplayback.mp4.00_01_09_03.Imagen fij
videoplayback.mp4.00_01_40_20.Imagen fij
videoplayback.mp4.00_01_24_10.Imagen fij
videoplayback.mp4.00_01_47_22.Imagen fij
videoplayback.mp4.00_00_44_11.Imagen fij
videoplayback.mp4.00_01_01_11.Imagen fij


Production Company: Dreambear

Creative Director: Rafatoon

Local Producer: Daniela Riaño

Animation Director: Ángel Martínez

Animation Producer: Angie Parra

Art dDirector: Harry Villamil

Character Animation: Mauricio Piraquive, Ángel Martínez

Line Art: Valentina Parra, Angie Parra

Color: Angie Parra

Composition: Ángel Martínez

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