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We are happy to be part of the winning short 'Burger' at @smartfilmsco for best short by jury vote and best direction.




Hamburguesa - Profesional.00_06_01_08.Im
Hamburguesa - Profesional.00_02_46_01.Im
Hamburguesa - Profesional.00_02_30_05.Im
Hamburguesa - Profesional.00_06_21_19.Im
Hamburguesa - Profesional.00_02_56_23.Im
Hamburguesa - Profesional.00_04_06_01.Im


Directed by: Mateo Moya y Christian Mendoza

Produced by: Roble Films

Director of photography: Christian Mendoza

Animation production: Angie Parra

Character design and background design: Jansel Rubiano

Animation: Cristian Ciapa

Clean up and color: Angie Parra

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