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bye bye - cyrus dobre


BYE BYE - CYRUS DOBRE_5.mp4.00_00_08_07.
BYE BYE - CYRUS DOBRE_5.mp4.00_01_49_01.
BYE BYE - CYRUS DOBRE_5.mp4.00_01_26_01.
BYE BYE - CYRUS DOBRE_5.mp4.00_01_07_10.
BYE BYE - CYRUS DOBRE_5.mp4.00_00_24_04.
BYE BYE - CYRUS DOBRE_5.mp4.00_00_47_04.
BYE BYE - CYRUS DOBRE_5.mp4.00_01_13_10.


Creative Studio: Tunjayork

Creative direction: Rafatoon

Animation Director: Ángel Martínez

Animation Producer: Angie Parra

Art Director: Pablo Acero

Character Animation: Kinky Udders

Styling: Daniela Riaño

Clean up and color: Angie Parra

Composition: Ángel Martínez, Rafatoon

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