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We created this cyberpunk proposal for this action packed chase to save the beautifil girl from the terrible villain.

closer - pat ambrosio

official music VIDEO

COZY.00_00_30_04.Imagen fija021.png
COZY.00_00_52_11.Imagen fija025.png
COZY.00_01_07_19.Imagen fija028.png
COZY.00_02_14_14.Imagen fija037.png
COZY.00_02_16_22.Imagen fija038.png
COZY.00_01_55_14.Imagen fija034.png
COZY.00_02_13_16.Imagen fija036.png


Directed by: Ángel Martínez

Producer: Angie Parra

Art Director: Harry Villamil

Character Animation: Diego Molina, Ángel Martínez

Clean up and Color: Angie Parra

Composition: Ángel Martínez

Music Producer: David Weeks

Mix: Freshwater Studio

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