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We had a lot of fun animating this amazing race with an unexpected ending.

going up - cyrus dobre ft. tory lanez

official music VIDEO

COZY.00_00_11_15.Imagen fija052.png
COZY.00_02_11_20.Imagen fija074.png
COZY.00_01_05_11.Imagen fija062.png
COZY.00_01_31_11.Imagen fija065.png
COZY.00_00_02_20.Imagen fija051.png
COZY.00_02_06_17.Imagen fija073.png
COZY.00_00_25_01.Imagen fija054.png


Directed by: Ángel Martínez, Rafatooon

Animation Production: Tunjayork

Production Company: Dreambear

Art Director: Pablo Acero

Storyboard Artist: Camila Paez

Styling: Daniela Riaño

Cleanup and color: Juliana Rueda

Character Animation: Daniel Cuervo, William Cifuentes, Diego Molina, Andres Carvajal

Composition: Ángel Martínez

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