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millennial arcade
original series

Millennial Arcade is an animated web series that tells the adventures of Fry Lance, a young man who goes out in search of money and fame but only finds a reality full of stumbling blocks and difficulties. A fun comedy that portrays the tragedies of young millennials.

Watch the first season

MILLENNIAL ARCADE CAPÍTULO 6 ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ SARI.mp4.00_38_23_23.Imagen fija001.png
MILLENNIAL ARCADE CAPÍTULO 2 ¡HOY SOMOS TENDENCIA!.mp4.00_11_50_03.Imagen fija009.png
MILLENNIAL ARCADE CAPÍTULO 3 ¿MI PRIMER SUELDO.mp4.00_24_15_15.Imagen fija003.png
MILLENNIAL ARCADE CAPÍTULO 3 ¿MI PRIMER SUELDO.mp4.00_24_46_08.Imagen fija007.png
MILLENNIAL ARCADE CAPÍTULO 6 ¿DÓNDE ESTÁ SARI.mp4.00_38_56_23.Imagen fija004.png


Year: 2019

Produced by: Caracol Televisión / Shock

Directed and Written: Ángel Martínez

 General Production: Angie Parra

Executive Production: Diana Narváez

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