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We brought Cyrus's adventure to life to rescue his girl trapped inside a volcano.


official MUSIC VIDEO

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cyrus d.mp4.00_01_26_02.Imagen fija019.j
cyrus d.mp4.00_01_28_22.Imagen fija020.j
cyrus d.mp4.00_01_39_01.Imagen fija023.j
cyrus d.mp4.00_01_50_00.Imagen fija026.j
cyrus d.mp4.00_00_49_08.Imagen fija011.j
cyrus d.mp4.00_00_12_05.Imagen fija002.j


Directed by: Rafatoon

Animation direction: Ángel Martínez

Production company: Dream Bear
Local production: Daniela Riaño

Animation production: Angie Parra
Art Director: David Carmona

Backgrounds design: David Carmona, Oscar Saldarriaga
Character design: Pablo Acero

Sound design: Mateo Diaz

Rough animation: Ian Dominic, Simon Gallo, Heyner Muñoz, Fredy Buitrago
Clean up and color: Angie Parra, Camila Paez, Mateo Diaz, Valentina Parra

Props artist: Mateo Diaz, Valentina Parra
Composition: Ángel Martinez


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