In the late 24th century an evil intergalactic authoritarian force known as the Manowari are wreaking havoc on the galaxy. They annihilated the planet of Nzuri, the last known colony from Earth, a beacon of peace and prosperity in the quadrant. Jasiri, one of the royal children of Nzuri, barely escaping his planets destruction is searching for the ancient Earth legend of Yah to help restore balance to the galaxy and to defeat the Manowari.

you & me - william matthews ft. amanda cook & trip lee

official VIDEO

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Directed by: Ángel Martínez

Produced by Cánido Estudio
Executive Producer:
Angie Parra
Character Design: Daniel Cuervo
Character Animation: Daniel Cuervo
rt Direction: Sebastián González
Character Assistant: Pablo Acero
Written by William Matthews, Ran Jackson & Trip Lee